Covid-19 environment

Covid-19 and our Environment

After the lockdown due to Covid-19 in many countries, there was lesser travelling done by people, whether by cars, trains or flights. Even many industries were non-functional. This led to the significant decrease in air pollution, as there was a marked reduction in nitrous oxide emission.

Lockdown has decreased the fishing activity, hence the fish biomass will increase. Even the sea turtles have been spotted returning to areas they once avoided to lay their eggs, all due to the lack of human interference.

Plants are growing better because there is cleaner air and water, yet again there is no human interference.

Less litter means lesser clogging of river systems, which is good in the long run for the environment.

In conclusion, though there has been a positive impact on the environment due to the lockdown, there is a fear that once people start travelling, all these positive impacts will soon disappear.

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